VENI VIDI COMEDI was designed to help people with low revenues refine their daily food routine by providing a collection of simple, healthy, easy to make and on the budget recipes from across the Europe. The project was financed by Erasmus+ and won several prizes, including a Luxembourg nomination for a Charlemagne Youth Prize. First phase of the project was concluded in 2016 but VVC need more attention for possible future development.


HOME(LESS) is my long-term social project researching via audiovisual means the phenomena of not having stable home. In order to cover different stories of the protagonists from the streets, an independent documentary as well as audiovisual expositions are planned. The goal consists in sensitization of  public opinion and in fighting against prejudices by making people understand that people on the edge of society are still human beings that don't deserve to be seen only as a problem but sometimes as a source of inspiration too.


My adventure in film industry started by working in Art Departments and before I moved to camera and lighting, for the first years I earned money as photography and visual artist or graphic designer. I brought to life GFF webpage that intended to promote my work in the field and represent a collective of similar professionals around the Benelux.


"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page" (Augustine of Hippo). I learned that the more you travel, wider your eyes you keep and better and more humble human being you become. So I designed an interface that could bring me more opportunities to travel and work abroad. No matters if it is about personal trips or work related projects, expeditions or just few days discovery, I feel the need of travelling and experiencing the entire world.